Friday, March 11, 2016

Are "No Poo" Methods Really No Problem? Let's Take a Closer Look.

I never realized how panning for gold can be compared to sifting through the internet in search of valid science. Though I'm sure its much more difficult to determine whether or not you've struck scientific gold. To start my experiment, I've been searching the web for homemade natural hair product recipes. I've done a lot of research along the way, and picked up a lot of valuable information. A vast majourity of the shampoo recipes I've found are either based with baking soda or castile soap, or dub themselves "no poo" methods, using these detergents alone. Castile soap and baking soda are both extremely alkaline substances. Your scalp should remain at a slightly acidic pH level somewhere between 4 and 7. With pH's of 8.9 and 9, castile soap and baking soda will both drastically alter your scalp's pH, making it more alkaline. This does help open the cuticle to remove oils (like the alcohols in commercials shampoos), but the sebum produced on your scalp and hair shafts is what keeps your hair strong and healthy. Therefor, these methods can still strip your hair of its moisture and nutrients. Often something more acidic, like apple cider vinegar, is used afterwards to restore your scalp's acidity and seal the cuticle, but the drastic pH changes cause further damage to your scalp and hair. Balance is everything. While baking soda and castile soap are less processed and harmful than manufactured products, that doesn't necessarily make them safer, less harsh, or less irritating to the skin. Of course sensitivity varies between individuals. While these methods may work fine for some, for others (like myself), who may have dry, sensitive skin, eczema and dermatitis; and dry, brittle, weak, heat and color damaged hair, such methods could be disastrous. I've only used the baking soda method once, and the results weren't immediately apparent. However, after about a day my whole head looked like a fuzzy ball of fly-aways, and from shoulders down my hair had practically formed two giant dreads. After doing extensive research, I won't be giving it a second chance.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hello & Welcome!

Hi there! My name is Sophie, and I've devoted some time to discover, research and share the secrets to a healthy body and mind. I'm sure to some degree we each have one, or a few, things we'd like to improve about ourselves. Whether its a junk food habit, lazy streak, poor hair/skin care routine, or even just a yearning to be better informed, what ever ails you can't be solved until you simply begin caring more. Take the time to reflect on your goals and corresponding actions. Make the effort to carry out those actions that bring you closer to your goal. Lastly, join me here on my quest for knowledge, where we can learn, share, and help each other achieve health and an happiness, inside and out.